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we have tools! we know how to use them!!! expect us!!nous avons des outil!!!nous savons nous en servir!!!!attendez-vous à nous!!!


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[edit]Minimal Edition

Window Manager

XVesa (for simple Hardware)

TWM (classical and 2D; works even on lowest-end-Hardware!)

Fluxbox (simple and elegant. Will work on the oldest of computers.)


macchanger – Scrambles MAC address to maintain anonymity in public wireless networks


Python – Python. Popular programming language.

Python-tkinter (python-tk) – ???

Perl – Programming swiss army knife.

OpenJDK – Java programming, open-source version.

Geany – Very simple and usable multi-language programming tool. Able to compile things.

Flash Player – The web standard for rich multimedia content.

Wine Compatibility Layer – For windows stuff.

Mono C# – For Windows stuff coded with .NET.

Components for Perl/C-C++ scripting, etc, so people can code their own stuff (It’s free software, after all)

Full-disk encryption when installed, like TrueCrypt

apt-get and sypnatic





ProxyChains– Proxies everything.

(possible vpns built in)


     jhead (+other items that remove identifying metadata) – Sometimes, when writing a public pdf, you could give away your name,       and possibly address. This, and other tools prevents that.


wipe, shred, Secure-Delete suite – Deletes files so that they can never be recovered by adversaries

Steganography tools – So you can hide code in a funny cat picture.


BitchX – IRC bouncer, Client, and Server, all in one.

Irssi, xchat – Basic IRC clients. No bouncing.

EPIC – WTF? it’s a really awesome IRC, though.

xPDF (a small PDF reader!)

Abiword – Light word processing

Gnumeric – Light open-source spreadsheet

Twinkle, SIP/ZRTP – VoIP phone that encrypts the connection, not as safe as TOR, but with macchanger, detection is extremely difficult. For talking to people in a censored enviornment.

[edit]CodeBase Edition: (contains additional applications common to both AnonOS and Cherimoya)

(Everything from minimal) (or possilby later Wayland)

KDE 3.x (similar user experience as windows!)

Gnome (A little different, but it’s very easy anyway.)

VLC Media Player – Comes with every codec imaginable, plays anything you give it.

More Firefox addons (Or FIREKIPS to avoid copyright issues)

(a free, fully automatic proxy system; maybe Anonymous-proxes?)

Siphon (Add-On – Sync; ; recommered to preconfigure (monodirectional sync!), so that AnonOS-Users can choose best Addons and get them installed with just two clicks each…)

Mozilla Add-on Collector


All-in-One Sidebar

FoxyTunes (listen Ton AnonNewsRadio!)





AdBlock Plus

Update Notifier


Browser Masquerade (and/or « Modify Headers »)

Firefox Sync


WOT (Web of Trust)




Adblock Plus


YesScript (inclued a blacklist for NoScript, so that it protects more suchsessful; still allows manual override trough users…)





Certificate Patrol


Anonymous Personas (see )

Puff V2.0 (WINE) – Use steganography on, well, anything.

GIMP – Powerful image processor, open-source photoshop.

Inkscape – SVG processor?

Guake – Makes opening terminals much, much quicker.

Conky – Displays information about the computer in a convenient, easy to reach format.

Ubuntu Software Manager (Better package management than sypnatic)



Enigmail (GnuPG integration!)


XML Digital Signature Processing Tool

Certificate PAtrol

Mozilla Add-on Collector


Identity chooser

Display Mail User Agent

Update Notifier



Anonymous Personas

GnuPG(easy to use graphical interface!)

Ghostscript (create PDFs)

Sigil (ePub-Editor)

LibreOffice (openOffice is going to die out; free alternative!)

GIMP (for some Artwork-Creation 😉

Inkscape (vector-drawing!)


Unetbootin / isolinux

DBAN (Darik’s Boot and Nuke; a easy-to-use wiper!)

Console LOIC (The LOIC as a low-level-system; having ncruises-interace; including all the features form original!)

AnonOS – Cloner (just insert AnonOS and an empty CD-R in Writer’s tray and let it duplicate itself!)

Super Grub Disk (Repair MBR)

Inside Security (Virus Scan; Paritionating; lost of useful security/maintenance stuff)

Packet Management

mountable Program Packages (examle; see: )

[edit]Cherimoya (Multipurpose Offensive/Defensive)

Everything from CodeBase & minimal

Complete Anonymous Starter Kit, to turn newfags into safe and powerful anons.

Includes stuff here:

And includes a guide to Programming in Python, Java, HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, and C++

Productive (only Installed on USB/HDD or SSD if wished! not in live-CD -> lesser resources, shall work on low-end-hardware!)

Apache – Quintessential web server.

Offensive suite:

AimSniff – monitors AIM/MSN messages across a server


Wireshark – Full-featured network sniffer

Ethercap GTK


IM-Sniffer – snoop on MSN/AIM/Email contacts.

Packet Injectors

Airpwn – spoofs packets from a wireless network, effectively making YOU the server

Ettercap – Ettercap is a suite for man in the middle attacks on LAN. It features sniffing of live connections, content filtering on the fly and many other interesting tricks.

Network Stress “testing”

LOIC – Tests your “own” servers against a DDOS attack

hping3 – TCP/IP packet assembler/analyzer (PWNS LOIC at DDoSing. It even scrambles your IP.)

pyLOIC – Stress tester that works behind TOR.

HOIC – Multiple server stress tester.

Nessus – Network vulnerablity scanner, useful for finding exploits “that you immediately patch.”

Metasploit – Comprehensive network testing tool. Uses every exploit imaginable to test “your server’s” security.

w3af – Metasploit for the web. It finds exploits easily.

(possible wardialers, and free, anonymous VoIP)

Computer Security

Ophcrack – grabs windows passwords

rainbowcrack –

John the Ripper –

Hydra – uses a dictionary attack to check for weak passwords, compatible with many network protocols

nmap – Maps out a entire network.

GOCR – Optical character recognition tool (for captchas?)

(Add everything from BackTrack Linux, and from here:

Features specific to Cherimoya

Bittorrent update/package system – Apt-p2p looks promising, and greatly reduces server strain.

AppArmor – restricts power of applications with profiles for greater security. SELinux for Fedora.

Must have a way to be put on a persistent USB flash drive. Call it AnarKeys or Boomstick.

Broadcom 43xx Support – Current Ubuntu driver does not allow for packet injection when breaking wireless encryption. Former driver is a pain in the ass to find.

Icon set: Elementary – GNOME icon set, even looks better than Mac.

New GTK Theme that is dark and easy on the eyes

Firefox skin that turns it into FireKIPS (To avoid licensing issues)

404’ed screen: Show “CAN’T LET YOU DO THAT, FIREFOX”.

Awesomeface menu button

Sprachenen>ca GoogleKE

Mozilla Add-on Collector

[edit]AnonOS (Strictly Defensive)

Everything from CodeBase and Minimal

(before you add stuff here, find out what the goal of AnonOS is.)

Appearance Customizations:


Welcome to AnonOS!




Homepage (local; with dynamic stuff from external)

(more here:

Anonymous eMail Poviders (german; servers in egypt)

AnonOps: (

WebChat (recommered for beginners or short session)



Censorship – Testing:

AnonOS – Project

IRC-Chat (web)


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